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There should be no surprise when I say I take pride in the work I do over at COCO Magazine. Last month it was all about kicking off the Carnival season with some of the HOTTEST new Soca singles. I truly hope you all enjoyed that series because I plan to do more themes such as that for anything that is going on with the Caribbean Music & Entertainment industries! And now for the current stuff…

In this week’s issue of COCO Magazine, my contributor Leanne Fairweather also known as Lady La Lee Bella crafted an amazing album review of the latest project by Jamaica’s own, Gyptian! It has been awhile since fans had heard a full LP from him so when this new one came out I knew we had to get our hands on it and provide a FULL review of the album. As a result you should check out Leanne’s thoughts on the album and be sure to share your own with COCO Magazine or myself on our social media platforms. I will link them below so you don’t have to Google us ;-D

Latest Project | Sex, Love and Reggae by Gyptian

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when you gotta know


Put Your Bumpa in ‘R’, Ladies!

Reverse It; J Capri; 5 stars

“Make me yours, teach me and me will learn.”

PYBIRL-postphoto-01J Capri is no stranger to the music industry. She is the daughter of talented Jamaican DJ, Mr. Murphy also known as Kenneth Phillips. I had the privilege to have J Capri as a featured artist on the Dancehall Now show back in 2012. During the interview we [i.e. myself, Kahlil Wonda & Super Pec then hosts of the radio show] uncovered a lot of things that we did not already know about the upcoming Jamaican artiste, particularly as it related to the music she was working on at the time. Fast-forward 2 years and I am excited to see the transformation J Capri has gone through as an artist, she has really developed her brand and working with Rvssian of Head Concussion as their First Lady is extremely a great look for J! She represents for the ladies in every song that she does and this one is no different. Check out what J Capri has to say about the ladies that know how to ‘reverse it’…

To Mi Face; Chan Dizzy; 5 stars

“Well since yuh love chat, say what you ah say to mi face”

PYBIRL-postphoto-02The most underrated artiste in the Caribbean music industry is Chan Dizzy. This is according to me. As well as the authority I exercise every now and again as it relates to Caribbean music. I am a legit STAN for Chan Dizzy. He never ceases to amaze me as a fan of his music. He is not as frequent of an artist, which may be a casual effect on why he is underrated in my eyes. Same way still, I absolutely love what Chan Dizzy does as an HCR artist. His musical partnership with Rvssian is one that I hope never changes. The pair makes great music together! Chan is a great lyricist and his messages are not so farfetched that you cannot relate, even if you have never been in the exact situation he speaks about. Check out what Chan Dizzy says about those who love to chat behind people’s backs but never say anything to them directly…

Light It Up; Collie Buddz; 5 stars

“I’m feeling fresh man, just like a College kid”

PYBIRL-postphoto-03There is NO denying the talent that Collie Buddz has. As a fellow Bermudian, it makes me EXTREMELY proud to see Collie living out his dream when I know how impossible that dream can seem coming from the 22-square-mile land mass that is Bermuda! If it’s not someone telling you that your dream will never come true because you are from Bermuda; it’s the Bermudians hating on you for the success you have achieved for the island as a whole. But like most people who hate for no reason, those same people came around and are supporting Collie and his choice to chase his dream, unapologetically! Check out Collie Buddz’s hang over experience in his latest music video…